May: “Happy Holidays”


The two losers from the February “Valentine’s Double Date” forfeit, as well as the overall loser of the league, will be subject to the “Happy Holidays” forfeit. This forfeit will take place on the same day as our end of year party.

While the rest of us are in the pub, each of the losers has earned themselves a one-day holiday to a random, and probably not tropical, European (or UK) destination. The losers will each travel to separate locations, departing in the early morning and returning late that evening. The losers will only find out where they are going on the morning of travel when they receive their travel arrangements.

Of course, since we’re sound, we’ll arrange a lovely holiday outfit for the losers to wear (outfits to be decided at a later date by the rest of the group). And don’t worry losers, we’ll be sure to pick something no one else will be wearing when you get there – we know how embarrassing it can be to be dressed identically to another person. See, I told you we are sound.

Obviously, we will arrange some entertainment on the day. Entertainment will be provided in the form of a ten-item task list (tasks to be decided at a later date by the group).

This is where the real fun starts, our 3 lucky losers are in a head to head competition for points. And you guessed it, the person with the lowest points total has another forfeit waiting for them.

For every task the loser completes, he will earn 5 points (photo evidence required). And, at the end of the day, each loser has 90 minutes from the time their flight is due to arrive in Dublin to make it back to the pub. For every 10 minutes the loser has left on the clock, he will earn 5 points. For every 10 minutes the loser is late, he will be deducted 5 points.

The loser with the lowest points total upon arrival at the pub, will be subject to shot roulette. Shot roulette consists of 6 shots and the loser must drink 4 out of the 6 shots at random (shots will be decided later by the group, not necessarily alcoholic, but no body fluids).

Just to really put the boot in, the loser will have to neck a pint out of their shoe too.