Ain’t Nobody Get Points for That Part 2

“I always get injuries to my players after I’ve already made my free transfer”

Well hey, by any chance did you not check if there was a midweek FA cup fixture, or was it a player from one of the big clubs who also plays midweek European football regularly? Even worse, did you not know there was an international break?

I swear this happens so regularly it’s mind-blowing. There is only one acceptable reason to make a transfer at the beginning of the week, prior to midweek fixtures, and that is if there’s an expected price rise that would make the player more expensive. In those circumstances, fine. But too often we see people making whole sale changes on a Monday because they had a bad weekend, only to see those transfers backfire with injury. These kneejerk ill-considered moves deserve to be punished, what’s the rush? Mull it over, look at the opinion blogs and wait for the team news on a Friday.

So people, please don’t come to me with these injury complaints… cause Ain’t Nobody Get Points For That.