Ain’t Nobody Get Point for That Part 3

 “But did you see how well my bench did?”

Really? You’re bragging about how well your bench did? You mean, the players that you could have easily picked in your starting 11 but didn’t? You’re actually bragging about the points you dropped on the floor? Come on, it’s like that one guy who always tells you about the exam results they would get if they studied. Well guess what, you failed. The results are all that mattered and nobody cares, so shuuuuuut up about it!

Also, side note. Your bench doing well was a complete fluke. You didn’t see anything special coming and you deserve absolutely zero recognition for those players you chose to not pick in your starting 11 doing well. If anything you deserve criticism! If you really were the genius you’re claiming to be right now, you wouldn’t have left them on your bench, would you?

So please people, don’t come to me bragging about your bench points, cause Ain’t Nobody Get Points for That!