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Which Forfeit will Chrissy Do?

The results are in….

Following the public voting, the people have spoken and it will be “New Year New Me” that Chrissy must complete (see results below).

Vote Results

The month long New Year’s Resolution that the group has decided for Chrissy is the following:

  • No Chocolate (Chrissy eats a silly amount of chocolate)
  • No Drinking (2 Hen Parties this month, along with other general stuff)
  • 15km’s of Running every week (Chrissy drives to work instead of a 3 minute walk)


So all in all, our Chrissy has a big month ahead of her… and remember, if she breaks this forfeit she will be handed a 50 point hit, throwing her right back into contention for the Overall Loser Forfeit -Happy Holidays.




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