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February – “The Valentines Double Date”

February, the beginning of spring and the month of love. Allow us to introduce “The Valentines Double Date” forfeit. Rather than just one loser involved, we have taken the bottom two from January automatically into the forfeit. And since February is a time for bringing people together, our monthly forfeit had a romantic twist. Both losers had to choose one other member from the group to join them on their double date, entering a direct head to head competition with the other couple for the month of February.

Oh.. and here’s the important part. The couple that loses the head to head must complete the May “Happy Holidays” forfeit. That means they are each sent to separate mystery European locations. Alone. Wearing an outfit decided by the group. With a list of tasks to complete decided by the group). The stakes are pretty high.

Who are the losers? In a rare upset, Cathal has managed to escape the drop zone this time, instead replaced by 2nd last Stephen and last place Chrissy.

Chrissy                                                  Stephen


???                                                         ???

Since Stephen came second last, he has first choice. As mentioned above, the stakes are very high, so this is not a decision to take lightly, and there are a number of factors that should be considered. Like what is more important – the lifelines that the other players have available (triple captain, bench boost, all-out attack and wildcard) or their knowledge and previous league performances? Our two captains certainly have a lot to weigh up..

Who will they pick to join them?


UPDATE – Who did they pick?

Stephen has drafted Mick, forming a formidable top of the table pairing. Chrissy with second pick decided to draft in the help of Tom. On paper, the teams would appear to be pretty unbalanced, but in the world of Fantasy Football anything can happen and everyone loves a good underdog story… may the best team win.

Chrissy                                                  Stephen


Tom                                                       Mick


UPDATE – Who lost the head to head?


Yep, that’s the whopping margin between our two teams. Chrissy and Tom had career high months, scoring an incredible 422 points between them and leaving Ste and Mick to look on, clueless and dejected.

A lot of questions have been raised.

“How could this have happened, I thought we were a sure thing?” – Mick

“Where are we going to have to fly to now?” – Ste

“How did you lose to Chrissy? Is it true that she’s never watched a football match before this year?“ – Everyone

Yes… it’s true. And yes, they are utterly ashamed of themselves. Now the groups attention turns to the decision of where to send our two losers, Mick and Ste for the May Happy Holidays Forfeit.

Any route suggestions that anyone might have are more than welcomed, get in touch in with your suggestions by comments or via twitter @TheForfeitLeague.


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