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January – “New Year, New Me”

“New beginnings” – That’s what January means right??

Well then why has Cathal continued to be a disgrace to his family and lost another forfeit? Is he doing it on purpose? Does he enjoy punishment? Does he know absolutely nothing about football? Maybe all of the above, it’s impossible to tell. But one thing is for sure, his moral-based rules have not helped him one bit (Cathal won’t play a Spurs or Man United player because he’s an Arsenal fan – we know, stupid!).

Now he has another forfeit to complete, this one is known as “New Year, New Me” and it’s not fun. How it works; the loser must adhere to any New Year’s resolution decided for him by the group.

Cathal is a man of simple pleasures, and we felt it was important to take them all away. What does he love? Simply put, it’s beer and pizza – particularly on a Friday when he gets it for free from work. But just to make sure it was a truly terrible time for him, we finalised the resolution to be cutting out 3 things from his diet for the month: Dairy, Meat & Alcohol.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can we make sure that Cathal doesn’t just cheat on this and eat whatever he wants anyway? Well, Cathal sadly has nowhere to turn. We have spies everywhere in the form of mutual friends keeping tabs on him. At work, at home, nights out… we see it all. All of us are only too pleased to see Cathal suffering, and we will not hesitate to squeal on our prolific loser should he attempt to enjoy himself this month.

Here’s to Cathal, enjoy the month pal!



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