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December “Christmas Carols”

December – always a great month for a bit of craic. There’s plenty of nights out and happy heads all around the place, as the silly season that is Christmas takes over.

This was the case for our group too. As we celebrated the midpoint of our season with a Christmas night out, it was also time for our next loser to complete the December “Christmas Spirit” forfeit. And our loser for this month – none other than Cathal for the second time this year.

The Christmas Spirit forfeit is to make the loser sing Christmas Carols alone at a Dublin location of the group’s choosing. Since we were already sitting comfortably in the smoking area of a nicely packed pub at the time, we thought it would be as good a spot as any for Cathal to test his rarely used vocal chords.

To the many other civilians who happened to be in the pub at the time, we can only apologise for the rude interruption from our Wexford man’s dodgy attempt at Silent Night and Mariah Carey..

See the carnage below:


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