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Who Should I Captain??

Ok so let’s set the scene; you’ve had a bad week- ok no scratch that – you’ve had an absolutely terrible week. Now you need to make up for it with a good captain choice (ICYMI – captaining a player doubles the players game week score). The problem always is; what’s the right tactic for picking your captain? Well there are two main schools of thought on this:

The Insurance Plan – Sticking with the Herd

This is a strategic decision to pick the same captain as most your competitors will. I call this tactic the insurance risk because it is particularly good for mitigating risks and trying to protect the position you have. It’s unlikely to create a lead for you or boost your position greatly, but the concept is that if you pick the same captain as your competitors, the threat of being massively outscored because of doubled points is removed. That means you are less likely to be overtaken if you have a lead, and you are also less likely to fall further behind if you’re already in a hole.

The Barney – Standing Apart

This is the bolder of the two moves. Actively choosing to captain a player that most others will not is an extremely high risk, high reward tactic. Personally, I call this tactic “The Barney”. Why? Because it can go either way. If it pays off, you look like Barney Stinson, but if it fails you come out like Barney from The Simpsons…

It’s not that one strategy is better than the other, I think it more so depends on the position of your team in your league table, the timing and the outcomes of losing. If you have no rush to catch up on points, then for me the Insurance Plan is a slow and steady recipe that stops you from falling wildly behind. You can try to set yourself apart with the other ten men in your squad. However, if you have no time, and the outcomes of losing is missing out on money – or in this league’s case a horrible forfeit, then maybe you should look at punting on The Barney…

Since nobody in this league is an expert (we just love the game), I’ll point you in the direction of two great blogs that you can follow to help you decide who to captain: – these guys will give you their safe bet picks, and their gamble picks. Extremely useful content that you can read too.  – our pals at Fantasy Football Geek run a weekly poll to see who the public plan on captaining this week, very helpful if you’re trying to figure out how to play it safe or take a risk.


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