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How to increase the value of your Fantasy Football Team

Here’s something that’s important to know, when you’re picking your team in the beginning, the values of those players are static. However, once the first football has been kicked and the season starts, this activates price fluctuations in a stock exchange type format.

Essentially, the more people that transfer a player into their team (the more demand there is for a player), the higher that players price will rise (increasing the difficulty of getting this player in your team). Conversely, the more people that remove a player from their team, the lower that players price will go.

This means you need to keep an eye on the players that you want to get in your squad, because if you wait too long, their price might soar to an unaffordable level given your budget.

So how can you see whether a player’s price will rise or drop? You need to take a journey over to the guys at . These guys have conveniently developed a dashboard view for you.


The players who appear at the top of their price fluctuations widget are those closest to rising. You can also work this out for yourself using their threshold scorings. Once a player has reached over 100 in their scoring, that means they have reached the threshold for a price increase, and that players price will then update overnight.

Managing your team can be more than just picking the players you expect to score points, it is also about managing the budget of your team, so act fast if you want a player before that increase if you are going to stay on top of your budget.


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