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Forfeit Update – October “Trick or Treat”

We have another loser… September is in the books, and it’s now official that Danny is our loser for the month of September.  After a dismal display in the opening week of the month, even using his Wildcard wasn’t enough to help Danny make a comeback as he ultimately fell to the foot of the table.

Danny will now have to complete October’s “Trick or Treat” forfeit. That involves being in the lucky position of having your mates pick out your costume for the night when no one else is dressed up.

The Costume

Since we know Danny has been in the gym lately, and because it’s starting to get cold we decided to be nice and let him have one last chance at showing off his best bits before the winter really sets in. Danny’s outfit will be an ode to the 90’s, and the formerly lovely Britney Spears. Schoolgirl skirt, belly top, pig tails, the works.


The rest of us are delighted to have not lost this one, and very much looking forward to Danny’s big night. Make sure to follow along as we will post real photos (not this dodge photoshop) of Danny looking his best as we head out next week.

Until then, it’s currently the international break, so the rest of us are relieved and enjoying the break from stress. Later in the week, I will post a recap to the early season’s form, and some suggestions for under-priced players that might want to look at to help your team not lose.


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