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Throwback Thursday – September “Wax Roulette”

Since we started this site late, it’s important we throw it back to last month, when Cathal lost September’s forfeit.

September’s forfeit is known as “Wax Roulette”. In other words, it’s a chance for everyone else in the group to Wax the loser of the month.

So how did he lose? Well, Cathal has rules that he lives by in Fantasy Football. His love for Arsenal won’t allow him to select any Man United or Spurs players no matter how much he knows he should. That means no Zlatan for Cathal, and no Spurs defenders. It definitely didn’t help him this month, but you have to respect his loyalty. Will he be able to stick to his rules as some of the later forfeits come into play?

Here’s some photos/videos of Cathal during the event.


And here’s a lovely freeze frame just to make it even better.

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming forfeits and league standings.



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