Top 5 Must Follow Fantasy Football Blogs

It’s a new season, the first month is a bit of a risk, but you should really read what the guys that know their stuff are saying. This site is great for some fun and a laugh, and occasionally we’ll have a good tip or too, but you should definitely look at following these guys as well if you want to be armed with the best possible information this season.


Great for deciding you weekly captain choice, their weekly poll allows you to see who the public plan on captaining this week.


Great for Team News, updates on who is injured, and the predicted starting 11’s.


Great for stats, if you’re a number cruncher this might be a good one for you.


Great for opinions on who to captain, they will highlight some safe picks, and some interesting gambles.


Incredibly useful site that will show you how many fantasy players have transferred in or out a player, this gives you indications of upcoming price rises or falls for specific players, allowing you to act before the value changes (like insider trading, only not illegal)


Ok let’s just throw in a 6th as a default… you might want to also follow the Official Fantasy Premier League account on twitter. Also download you really should the app. It’s free, gives you reminders of deadlines and lets you make changes to your team on the go.


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