Fantasy Football

The Opening Post

Let’s start with some back story. This all started as a normal, work Fantasy Football League. And in the beginning, it was little more than something to help pass some slow days. But our biggest problem was a common one for Fantasy Sports leagues; the inevitable drop off in interest levels.

Honestly, absolutely nothing has less chance of lasting a year than a bad Fantasy Football player. Think about it- New Year’s Resolutions, Celebrity Weddings, Jack Wilshere – I’d give better odds to any of them for finishing a year over a Fantasy Football player who has a bad start.

So the question became; “How do we keep this competitive and interesting all year?”

The Answer? Forfeits. Every single month. Aside from being a great laugh, this really does work. Instead of half of our league that stop trying because they’re too far back to win the league, players are fighting each month because there’s a leg wax or worse looming. The top of the league isn’t safe either. It’s based on monthly score, which means the league leader can still lose a forfeit if they have one bad month. Our Fantasy Football League is now competitive from top to bottom, August to May.

So what happened last year?

Well here’s a taste of some of the forfeits:

Leg Wax




Fancy Dress



And One Journey of Shame for our Overall Loser


Yep, the Journey of Shame. Sent to a random EU destination (nothing tropical), alone, wearing something ridiculous, and with a list of tasks to complete while the rest of us are enjoying our end of year party.

The worst part for poor Bernard is that he lost by only one point, and it all came down to the very last kick of the season. Bernard had selected Chris Smalling, who scored an Own Goal, as well as costing Bernard the clean sheet points. This one event sent Bernard on his way to the bottom of our table, and on to his Journey of Shame.

(apologies for poor quality)

That was last year. This year, we have remixed some of the forfeits and gained some new league members, who you will get to know as the weeks roll by. Our hope is that you will get involved in the site. Advice or abuse on our team selections is very welcome and you can do so by leaving comments or tweets. Or if anyone has suggestions, we’d love to hear them too.

We’ll check in again soon.


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