About Us

To put it simply, we take Fantasy Football very, very seriously.

In The Forfeit League, the glory of winning plays second fiddle to the relief of not losing. You might have already guessed it by our name – we call it the Forfeit League because every month the loser of that month receives a punishment or forfeit.

You might be thinking; “These guys must be really good at Fantasy Football”. Well you’d be wrong. We’re average at best. And by the way, if you’re here to feast on the knowledge of a guru, I can assure you that you’ve come to the wrong place. At our core, we are all just trying to not lose. That’s important, because trying to not lose requires a very different strategy compared to trying to win. We are all terrified of the risks that are associated with trying to win. Why? Well here’s a taster of some of our Forfeits:

September – Leg Wax from the rest of the group

October – Fancy dress on your own decided by the group

December – Sing Christmas Carols alone

Overall Loser – Mystery flight alone to somewhere in Europe, dressed by the group with a list of task to complete…

Yeeeeeah, so you really don’t want to lose in this league. What you’ll find here are mind games, anxiety, rash decisions under pressure and some funny commentary on the very worried people that take part as we roll through our monthly forfeits. Follow along with us and join in by criticising the questionable choices and tactics we deploy that’s part of the fun.